Month: October 2017

Sitrep | The Oil Rig Update – Version 1.1.0


Hey, everyone!

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys. I’ve been busy with work, but I have been working on A Tale of the Enclave whenever I had time to spare. If you read my previous Roadmap blog post, you’ll know that these are the features I wanted to implement in this coming update:

  • Adding a side questline about restoring/refurbishing the Oil Rig
  • A total/from scratch rebuild of the exterior and interior. Increasing the scale significantly, as well as adding a civilian population & making the production facility useful to the player
  • Adding a player companion that was cut
  • Retexturing significant parts of the Oil Rig’s interior architecture
  • Creating a large amount of Enclave banners and posters to push that patriotic feel home!
  • Looking at integrating other mods (Such as X02 Power Armour and Enclave Officer Uniform) with the respective authors’ permission

Now, due to my limited time these days, and me wanting to actually release this update in our lifetimes, I’ve had to change the list up, but hopefully it’s still to your satisfaction. In my development file, loaded in the Creation Kit right now as I’m typing this, the following features are DONE:

  • A total script rewrite/refactor of all the quests in A Tale of the Enclave. This doesn’t mean the quests will play differently (Except for one I’ll talk about below), BUT it should mean the vast majority (if not all!) of the bugs you’ve been encountering with the questline should be gone!
  • Retexturing significant parts of the Oil Rig’s architecture, rebuilding the Oil Rig from scratch and increasing its scale. Hopefully it makes the structure feel more Enclave-y for you guys. I’m finally happy with how the Oil Rig looks!
  • The Welcome Party has been significantly reworked to accommodate the new Oil Rig!
  • Creating a large amount of Enclave banners and posters. Placed around the Oil Rig, and also available for you to place in your own settlements if you want!
  • Compatibility with Unoctium & DogtoothCG’s X-02, X-03 and Enclave Officer uniform mods. What this means is that if you are using any of the mods on an individual basis, NPCs in America Rising will equip them. If you don’t use them, then they’ll only use the X-01 armor and my other uniforms. Seamless integration!

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • A residential area. My vision is to have this be very much up to the player, and it will in fact act as a unique settlement.
  • The companion

I also mentioned in the roadmap I wanted to add a sidequest about restoring the Oil Rig. Due to the time I have available these days, I’ve decided I’ve had to drop that (at least for now). I could put together something quick and easy, but I wouldn’t be happy with the quality. Instead what I’ll be doing is adding various repeatable/radiant quests that some of you have been requesting! I know it’s not the same, but for now it’s the best I can offer.

I don’t want to give a release date yet because I don’t even know it! I will say that it should be soon(tm) though. Once this is out, I’ll get to work on Version 2.0.0 (barring any bugfixes I need to do) which will add more to the main quest!

That’s all for now. To tide you over, how about a few screenshots? (Typical disclaimer, this isn’t done yet, things will change, etc etc 🙂 )

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