I’m an experienced Game Designer & Scripter based in Scotland. I’ve been creating mods for over a decade with a focus on building new gameplay experiences and writing engaging narratives for players to immerse themselves in. I pride myself on my documentation, hosting public-facing documentation for my personal work on my website. I consider myself a fast learner and thrive working within an enthusiastic, fast-paced team to deliver unique and exciting experiences for players to enjoy.


DesignSystem Design, Narrative Design, Balance & Implementation.
ScriptingLua, Vox, Papyrus, obScript.
EnginesUnreal Engine 4, Unity, Amazon Lumberyard, Creation Engine.
AdditionalJIRA, Confluence, Perforce, PlasticSCM, Git, Microsoft VS Code & Office.


Full-time Employment

Technical Designer (Missions) • Build A Rocket Boy

January 2020 – November 2020 | November 2021 – Present


An ambitious AAA game led by Leslie Benzies. For further information:

  • Implementing new gameplay and missions to given spec.
  • Iterating and prototyping based on requests from the design team.
  • Providing feedback on gameplay feel and implementing suggestions as approved.
  • Creating and maintaining living documents detailing implementations of systems.

Design Director • Orthrus Studios

May 2017 – November 2019 | November 2020 – August 2021

Distant Kingdoms

Re-joined Orthrus Studios as Design Director to see Distant Kingdoms through to release in Early Access.

  • Evaluated and re-scoped numerous features to fit within delivery dates.
  • Overhauled design documentation to a consistent standard to ensure readability and accuracy.
  • Communicated with all project stakeholders to ensure satisfactory delivery of features.
  • Worked with the programming team to define requirements for a text-based scripting language
  • Designed and balanced various pieces of in-game content via our proprietary Vox scripting language.
  • Extensive content design, creating levels, designing and implementing tutorials, events and dialogue.
  • Creation of UI wireframes and iteration of game UX.

Freelancing & Personal Projects

Designer • Bethesda Game Studios Creation Club

February 2018 – November 2021

Working professionally with Bethesda Game Studios as a Design contractor in the Creation Club to create official DLC for Fallout 4.

  • Pitching projects to take forward as official content.
  • Implementing art assets, quests and game systems via the Bethesda Game Studios Creation Kit.
  • Iterating features and functionality in tandem with the Quality Assurance team to improve upon and fix content.

Modder • Various Games • 2008 – Present

America Rising – A Tale of the Enclave

A large story mod for Fallout 4, and spiritual successor of my previous mod, For The Enclave, with over half a million downloads across PC and Xbox One.

  • Designed an intricate main storyline that integrated seamlessly with Fallout 4’s story.
  • Implemented over 20 levels, art assets, created dozens of characters and managed a large cast of voice actors.
  • Conducted playtests to identify flow issues and acted on feedback.
  • Created, implemented and balanced multiple quests using the Papyrus scripting language.

For The Enclave

An extensive story mod for Fallout: New Vegas at over a quarter of a million downloads.

  • Implemented dozens of levels, characters, art assets and managed a large cast of voice actors.
  • Implemented and scripted the main quest and side quests using obScript.
  • Designed and scripted an entirely new construction and management framework for a player-run bunker.


First Class BA(Hons) Game Design & Production Management • Abertay University
2013 – 2017