I’m an experienced Game Designer & Scripter based in Dundee. I’ve been creating mods for over a decade with a focus on scripting new gameplay experiences and creating engaging narratives for players to immerse themselves in. I consider myself a fast learner and thrive working within an enthusiastic, fast-paced team to deliver unique and exciting experiences for players to enjoy.


DesignWiki Documentation, System Design, Game Balance, Narrative Design.
ScriptingContent Implementation, Papyrus, obScript.
EnginesUnity 3D, Bethesda Game Studios Creation Kit.
AdditionalJIRA, Confluence, PlasticSCM, SourceTree, Microsoft VS Code, Sublime Text.

Full-time Employment

Lead Game Designer • Orthrus Studios

May 2017 – November 2019

Distant Kingdoms

An ambitious economic medieval fantasy city builder featuring intricate resource and population management coming to PC.

  • Created the original vision of the game and produced extensive Design Documentation.
  • Worked with the programming team to set out the requirements for a proprietary text-based Scripting Language.
  • Produced a custom in-house Syntax Highlighting + Snippet extension for Microsoft VSCode.
  • Undertook the initial System Design pass on all game systems.
  • Extensive Content Design, creating levels, designing and implementing tutorials, dialogue, challenges and more.

The Legacy

An educational historical game created for the Dunfermline Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum to educate school children about the life of Andrew Carnegie.

  • Designed all core functionality of the main game and numerous minigames.
  • Designed and implemented 6 distinct levels with entirely different themes, ranging from a humble cottage to a 19th century factory.
  • Conducted extensive active and passive historical research.

Freelancing & Personal Projects

Designer • Bethesda Game Studios Creation Club

February 2018 – January 2020

Working professionally with Bethesda Game Studios as a Design contractor in the Creation Club to create official DLC for Fallout 4.

  • Pitching projects to take forward as official content.
  • Implementing art assets, quests and game systems via the Bethesda Game Studios Creation Kit, making heavy use of the Papyrus scripting language.
  • Iterating features and functionality in tandem with the Quality Assurance team to improve upon and fix content.

Modder • Various Games • 2008 – Present

America Rising – A Tale of the Enclave

A large story mod for Fallout 4, and spiritual successor of my previous mod, For The Enclave, with over half a million downloads across PC and Xbox One.

  • Designed an intricate main storyline that integrated seamlessly with Fallout 4’s story.
  • Implemented over 20 levels, art assets, created dozens of characters and managed a large cast of voice actors.
  • Created, implemented and balanced multiple quests using the Papyrus Scripting Language.

For The Enclave

An extensive story mod for Fallout: New Vegas at over a quarter of a million downloads.

  • Implemented dozens of levels, characters, art assets and managed a large cast of voice actors.
  • Implemented and scripted the main quest and side quests using obScript.
  • Designed and scripted an entirely new construction and management framework for a player-run bunker.


First Class BA(Hons) Game Design & Production Management • Abertay University
2013 – 2017