The Roadmap


Wow! That’s how I can describe these passed few weeks. A quick introduction for people who don’t know, before we delve into the roadmap and my plans for this mod!
I am a /Was a? Game Design & Production Management student at the University of Abertay Dundee, a four year undergraduate course. For my final year project (Called a Honour’s Project), I was investigating “How Can Computer Game Modding Serve As A Gateway To The Games Industry?”. As part of this project, I developed a mod for Fallout 4: America Rising – A Tale of the Enclave.

On the 24th of April, I submitted my dissertation & project, signalling the end of my studies at Abertay University. (Still waiting for my results – Fingers crossed!) On the 1st of May, I released A Tale of the Enclave on Fallout 4 Nexus and for PC and Xbox One. On the 5th of May, the University had a prizegiving event – One where I won the “Achievement in Game Design & Development” from SEGA which was incredibly humbling. And now, as of writing this on the 6th of May, A Tale of the Enclave has over 22,000 downloads. This is absolutely breathtaking, and I can not thank everyone enough for the support.


Now, for what people came here for!

I’ve gotten a huge amount of feedback from the community, and believe it or not I’ve been reading every comment on all 3 mod pages, so I hope that this list is satisfactory. It’s in no way final, things may get added (Also keeping in mind I begin full time employment on the 15th of May (Woo money!)) so I won’t be able to work on this all day every day!

(Continuous) Bugfixing

I’ve been trying to track down and fix a lot of unexpected behaviour people have been experiencing, which has been quite challenging. I hope people don’t take this the wrong way, but I have three PCs at home, one of which I developed A Tale of the Enclave on, and two which have never touched the mod before. I’ve played the version on Nexus (As of writing, version 1.0.2) all the way through and not encountered any of the bugs people have reported, so they must be caused by some obscure mod conflicts. I’m doing all I can to track them down!

(Version 1.1.0) The Oil Rig Update

The first content update I have already begun working on is what I’m (appropriately) calling The Oil Rig Update. As my mod was done as part of a University Project, there were time constraints I had to work with. As such, I got the Oil Rig to a ‘It fulfills its purpose’ stage, but not to a ‘I’m so proud of this base, it really feels like a great hub location for the player!’ stage. I plan on addressing this entirely, by:

  • Adding a side questline about restoring/refurbishing the Oil Rig
  • A total/from scratch rebuild of the exterior and interior. Increasing the scale significantly, as well as adding a civilian population & making the production facility useful to the player
  • Adding a player companion that was cut
  • Retexturing significant parts of the Oil Rig’s interior architecture
  • Creating a large amount of Enclave banners and posters to push that patriotic feel home!
  • Looking at integrating other mods (Such as X02 Power Armour and Enclave Officer Uniform) with the respective authors’ permission

Little, heavily WIP teaser image:

Revamped Enclave Oil Rig teaser image.

(Version 2.0.0) The Railroad Update

I don’t have much to say about this yet as I am currently working on the Oil Rig Update, but version 2.0.0 will serve as an ‘Act 2′ of the mod, and will revolve around addressing the Railroad’s presence and activity in the Commonwealth.

(Version 3.0.0) The Institute Update

Much like above, this is just in the conceptual stage, but I plan on having Act 3 of the mod involve the Institute, and I hope on having some very interesting dynamics involved.

I hope this is is to everyone’s liking – Feedback as always on any of the mod pages is welcome!

 – Otellino