Introduction to the Research Project

Introduction to the Research Project

Hi! I’m Thomas David Mitchell, student number 1303497 – Welcome to my Creative Research blog for my 3rd year Game Design and Production Management module.

For my research topic, I have decided to conduct a level design-centric project; Specifically, how do level designers create effective horror levels in games? By utilising an array of different research methods, including:

  • Studying level design theory
  • Watching and playing acclaimed horror games and noting where, how and why certain areas evoke fear
  • Creating questionnaires asking people what they class as “scary” in games

The final aim of the project would then be to use the gathered information to prototype and create a playable horror level, incorporating feedback from testers along the way. The level will be created using assets from existing games (With credit being given) in order to be able to quickly prototype and iterate them.

My reasoning for wanting to investigate this is due to the fact that I have a huge interest in level design, and find that this would be a fantastic opportunity to further my knowledge in the field and the associated theory.

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