About & CV

I'm a Lead Game Designer currently working at Orthrus Studios in Dundee and a First Class BA(Hons) Graduate of Game Design & Production Management at Abertay University. I've been creating mods for over 10 years with a focus on scripting new gameplay experiences and creating engaging narratives for players to enjoy. With experience in collaborative environments, I find myself at my best working in a team and sharing constructive criticism to deliver the best possible end product.


Game Design

  • Systems Design
  • Design Documentation (Traditional & private Wikis)
  • Quest & dialogue design & implementation
  • Playtesting & Iteration

Game Engines & Scripting

  • UDK, Unreal Engine 4, Unity & Bethesda Creation Engine
  • Kismet, Blueprint & Papyrus scripting (Visual & traditional)


  • GitHub
  • JIRA
  • Plastic SCM
  • Sublime
  • Slack
  • Maya
  • Microsoft Office
  • MediaWiki



Game Designer • The Legacy • 27 June 2016 – 7 August 2016

Worked in a team of 8 to create “The Legacy”, a mobile game prototype for the Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline to educate school children about Andrew Carnegie.

  • Designed the core gameplay loop & one of three minigames
  • Pitched, designed and iterated the “Painting” learning system
  • Wrote voice-over narration script for the voice actor
  • Created and maintained the asset list, liaising with the artists to deliver the required assets

Game Designer • First Response • 2 May 2016 – 28 May 2016

Worked in a team of 3 to create “First Response” at Abertay University’s first Serious Game Jam, in which students were tasked by Police Scotland to create a game to help train tens of thousands of police officers on cybercrime. Our team won the game jam, and were paid to develop the prototype further.

  • Worked with the programmer to create a feasible design in the given timeframe
  • Designed mechanics adhering strictly to the ACPO First Responder’s guide to create a realistic and faithful experience
  • Collaborated with the artist to establish how many assets could be produced in the timeframe and prioritize assets
  • Worked in-engine (Unity) to build the gamespace, and setting up event triggers and item spawn nodes

Modding • Ongoing

  • For The Enclave – A mod for Fallout: New Vegas adding approximately 6 hours of extra content with a strong focus on narrative and multiple quests, all scripted using Bethesda’s proprietary scripting language & toolkit. Featuring new characters, fully written and voice acted, as well as a main questline and side-quests; It currently sits at over 85,000 downloads & has been featured on game news websites such as PC Gamer.


BA(Hons) Game Design & Production Management • 2013 - 2017 • University of Abertay Dundee

1st Class Degree at the University of Abertay Dundee – The only European university on Princeston Review’s 2015 “Top 25 Schools to Study Game Design”. The course focuses on independent development as well as mixed-course group modules to experience working alongside audio, art and programming disciplines.