Player feedback

I’ve managed to get four classmates to play my level, and recorded the gameplay of them doing so. The four different videos are available below.

The reactions I recieved were mostly positive, with the biggest criticism being the creature’s behaviour – Once players figured out that it followed the player endlessly in a simple straight line, they found it easy to avoid and dodge. Thankfully, they agreed that the pacing was good (Considering the level length), the audio use was good and the level was interesting and eyecatching.

Something I noticed myself, however, is I need to work on better informing the player on where to go – The two switches in the specimen storage area sometimes threw players off and I had to tell them that they could go back and use the second switch later on – I feel I was successful in guiding the player in all other areas, however.

I also managed to provoke (scared) reactions out of three of the four players, with the fourth not being affected at all. However, the fourth player informed me he knew what he was getting into before hand and as such wasn’t expecting to be affected anyway. The fourth player did suggest I use the water in the generator room a bit more, such as have the room flood to cause the player to panic and have to leave immediately.