Second survey – Analysis of section 3

The third section focused on level building and level techniques, showing screenshots and gathering people’s thoughts on them. As usual, all survey responses are visible Second survey here.

I won’t be reposting the images I sent out here, however they are visible in the survey results document as well as my previous blog post here.

The first screenshot was the intersection. Most people would go straight through the door, which was better lit rather than going right. However, a sizeable amount of people did opt to go right regardless of the obvious danger, with the most common reason being because they want to clear/loot an area before moving on to the next section, which they assume is past the door.

The second screenshot was the dark hallway with shallow water, and windows lining the side with lights glowing from them. I asked how the scene made people feel, with the vast majority feeling anxious – The effect I was hoping to go for. The provided reasons for feeling that way was because of the risk of being spotted by a possible enemy behind the video, or a jump scare that may occur there.

The next two screenshots were of the same scene, one with water and one without, simply asking whether people thought the water added to the scene. The majority (80%) said yes, saying that it added more visual interest to the scene. Other reasons provided were that traps may be hidden under it, or adding tension due to the fact something must have broken for the water to have spilled out, creating tension. And finally, the fact that walking through water may give off more sound and give away their position.

The last screenshot was another dark hallway with a creature in the distance. I asked how the scene made people feel, and what their reaction was. The majority felt scared, with anxious coming in second place. This was the assumed effect, with me assuming again that the unknown would scare the player.

Interestingly, the majority of people would hold still, with the least running towards it. Most people’s reasoning (Provided in the “Why?” section) was that they were hoping to stand still and observe it’s behaviour, or hope that by standing still, it wouldn’t spot them.