Second survey – Final section and posting the survey

After having the last 3 sections focus on specific aspects of horror games, I want to leave the last one as a sort of “Final overview” section – Presenting various different statements to again be rated in scariness, from 1 being least to 5 being most.

These will be general horror tropes so I can get a feel of other aspects I could potentially include in my level designs. The statements I’ll present are:

  1. Being unable to defend yourself
  2. Having very limited means to defend yourself
  3. Constant pursuit by enemies
  4. Knowing there are enemies, but not knowing what they look like
  5. Knowing there are enemies, but not knowing their behaviour, how they act and how they attack
  6. The sound of something getting closer to you
  7. Complete silence
  8. Darkness
  9. Fog
  10. Water
  11. Murky water
  12. Not knowing where to go
  13. Unexplained events (Doors opening/closing on their own and more)
  14. Having to go through/open a closed door

And finally, I’ll ask for closing thoughts from people (An optional question, as usual) for them to explain anything I may have missed.

The final survey is available for viewing here: