Deciding on a setting

With my survey data in, I’ve spent time thinking on where I want to finally set my level in. I’ve had to make various considerations with this – Firstly, environments that leave something to the imagination. For example, I’d like to avoid doing a ruined house or an asylum as people immediately associate those with horror levels and will be going in expecting scares from the get-go. I’d like to be able to toy with their expectations, leaving them not knowing what to expect.

Also, as I’ll be using existing assets from Fallout: New Vegas, I’ll be limited to what assets the game actually has. For example, I’d not be able to easily make a futuristic space station as the game doesn’t have any of those assets.

With these constraints in mind, I feel like going with a Science Lab/Research setting would be ideal. As I stated in my previous blog, as people don’t inherently find it not-scary, but most place it in the middle (at a rating of 3 out of 5), it’ll allow me the most chances at designing a level I can play with expectations. Using some cliches but then adding a twist to them and trying to keep things unexpected and keep the player on their toes.

With a setting established, I should now start creating a more comprehensive survey to establish what horror elements and techniques are worth including in my level for the best effect.

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