Preparing the first survey

With the research project now well under way, it’s time to start preparing surveys and begin my primary research into the field before I start designing my actual levels. With this in mind, the first survey is going to be an extremely short and simple one so that I get a good baseline from which to work from. The first thing you should know before creating a level is knowing the setting – Does it take place in a home? Hospital? Army base?

And as such, I’ll create a survey to find out just that. Based on my previous secondary research, cliche environments are still effective assuming a certain spin is put on it. To test that, I’ll include them as options. The way I’ll set out the survey is I’ll have various different environments with a 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) rating scale of what people find the scariest.

With this in mind, the settings I will be putting on the survey are:

  • Ruined house
  • Hospital
  • Asylum
  • Sci-fi/futuristic
  • Research/scientific station
  • Other

I’ve included all the usual cliche environments, but obviously there is a near infinite amount of settings, so I’ll be including an “Other” option where people can type in what environments they consider scary – Any recurrent answers will be helpful.

The final survey:


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