Preparing for the second presentation

With the submission date for the second presentation for Creative Research approaching, I’ve started putting together the work I’ve been doing into a presentation to submit. After the introduction slide, these are my following slides:

Slide 2

Slide 2 – I’ll be going over how I will be approaching this project – I’ll explain that I’ll start off with secondary research first, reading up on level design theories and researching elements games and films use to create a horror atmosphere. I’ll then explain that once I have a basic understanding of that, I’ll begin with my primary research by preparing surveys and gathering “real-world” information on certain techniques to see what people find most effective. I’ll then describe how, as I’ll be focusing on the theory behind level design to build a level rather than the creation of assets, I’ll be making my level using Fallout: New Vegas’ assets, with all credit going to Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment.

Slide 3

Slide 3 – After that, I’ll explain what I have done so far. I have already done a lot of secondary research and tests to do with level building and level design techniques, such as using focal points and using light to guide the player.

Slide 4

Slide 4 – I’ll then explore my findings to do with cliche’s, such as that they do still work, but you shouldn’t rely on them solely. Use them as a flavour and they’ll be very effective.

Slide 5

Slide 5 – Continuing with showing what I’ve done so far, I’ll explain that I’ve been analysing existing games, specifically SOMA, and taking note of how it constantly subverts player expectations consistently.

Slide 6

Slide 6 – I’ll then go into the research I’ve done on pacing, emphasizing how it can make or break a level.

Slide 7 Slide 8 Slide 9

Slides 7, 8 & 9 – I’ll show the in-engine work I’ve done so far, such as experimenting with lighting, building simple scenes in different environments and using sound cues.

Slide 10

Finally, in slide 10, I’ll wrap up the presentation showing what I aim to do next – Begin my primary research with the creation of surveys, begin paper prototyping some initial level designs and then finally turn them into playable levels.

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